Taxi Driver

Sandi Sonnenfeld is the author of the memoir This is How I Speak and her fiction and essays have appeared in more than 30 publications including Sojourner, Raven Chronicles, ACM, Peregine, Mr. Bellers’ Neighborhood, and Hayden’s Ferry Review among others. She holds an MFA in Fiction Writing from the University of Washington, where she studied under National Book Award Winner Charles Johnson, and was named a 2002 Celebration Author by the Pacific Northwest Booksellers Association, which recognizes those writers whose work merits special attention. “Taxi Driver” originally appeared in the August 2010 issue of The Storyteller.

“The girl was half-naked, a blackened left eye, and holding a baby in one arm,” he said. “But she didn’t care; she just wanted a spot on the bus.”

I wanted to ask him how she came to have a black eye, but was afraid he might tell me. The reason I imagined was worse enough.

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