Poetry by Diane Walker

Diane Walker ‘71 is a writer and a self-described contemplative photographer who takes her inspiration from meditation and nature. She majored in English Composition but spent almost 40 years not writing poetry. In 2009 she began producing a daily blog of poems and photographs as a New Year’s Resolution, and though the results have been decidedly mixed, she continues the practice as a spiritual discipline. A former Seattle marketing executive, Walker is now exhibitions director of ECVA.org, and has just completed a degree program in Organizational Dynamics at Antioch’s Center for Creative Change. She is a resident of Bainbridge Island, Washington.

The stage is set
for some new entrance;
the dark descended full.
Back from drinking intermission,
we watch the flames of past desires
toss sparks of possibility
through the lantern’s eye,
into futures yet unknown.
Waiting, breathless,
We grip each other’s hands
in anticipation:
what new act,
startling in its ingenuity
will hurl itself from the balcony of stars
into our hearts?

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