Apparent Birth and Other Poems

Laura Smith Gross ’11 was born and raised in Berkshire County and held a multitude of jobs before deciding that all she really wanted to do was write. A feature writer for The Berkshire Eagle., her work has appeared in Blackstick Review and Pathways Journal. Her first collection of poetry, Spring’s Third Day,was published in 2010.


Pink blush upon my wintered cheeks,
pale blossoms emerge as countless weeks>
of journeys toward an inner world
display secrets hidden in vines uncurled.

Whose visions cling to drops of dew,
that appear by magic in ample hues?
Be they princes, priests, or girls who dare
to speak a truth in song or prayer?

Our friends emerge within your grace
accepting love from spring’s clear face.
In hope, in dreams, we spin our tale
of growth that bursts from behind the veil.

Sing to me, o child of frost,
of journeys fulfilled and darkness lost.
What is there left for me to see?
Your vision is God’s pure victory.

Beckoned by your faithful birth,
Summer arrives to cherish its mirth.

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