About Us

We are an all-volunteer group of writers and editors dedicated to celebrating the best creative writing by MHC graduates and faculty.  If you have professional writing or editing experience, a love for literature and are interested in serving on our board, please contact us at marylyonreview@verizon.net.

Founder/Managing Editor

Sandi Sonnenfeld ‘ 85

Fiction Editors

       Audrey Caldwell ’84

Sibella Connor Giorello ’85

Anna Isozaki ’90

Poetry Editors

Karen Berman ’78

Laura Gross FP ’11

Creative Nonfiction Editors

Beth Sears ’85

Emily Wagner ’08

Darla Willis Kennerud ’89

Community Forum Editor

Pam Parker ’81

We express our appreciation to Jill Stern ’84 and Leanna James Blackwell of the Alumnae Association of Mount Holyoke College, both writers in their own right, for their  assistance in helping to promote The Lyon Review to members of the MHC community and beyond.

9 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Dear Sandi: I would to submit a non-fiction short story of 1880 words and a separate submission of prose-poem consisting of 658 words. I have self-published a book, Moving Toward Stillpoint A Mother’s Transformational Journey with Her Dying Son, that has been well received locally through word of mouth selling over 500 copies within a year. At present I am a member of a local SandCastle writers group. Our facilitator has encouraged me to submit these two works for publication. Your publication appeals to me as a place that welcomes women writers of all ages. It would be an honor to be included in your published works.
    Therese Luce

    • Therese: We evaluate each work individually, which means we may accept one piece and not the other or both or none. Because we view ourselves as an inclusive magazine, if we do reject something, we will offer feedback, and should you so desire, can even work with you to help you bring it up to the polished level we require.

      As such, please submit the longer essay as one piece and then your poem as a second piece using our online submission form as we have different editorial staff reviewing poetry and creative nonfiction. We look forward to reading your work.

  2. Thanks to you volunteers for this blog. I will submit a creative nonfiction piece. It will be part of my memoir which is a work in progress. I’ll decide which section works best on its own and then polish in June and submit by late June. I’m making a public commitment so I’ll get it done then!
    If you accept my first piece, do you think I’d be able to send something from a later chapter afterwards and assume readers will have the knowledge of the first piece or would go to your archives for it? Or would the second submission need to be equally stand-alone? Thanks.

    • Catherine: Please send us whatever section(s) you feel work the best in terms of compelling writing and advancing your story. We can help you edit the section if necessary to make it work as a stand alone piece for our Lyon Review readers. We look forward to seeing your memoir excerpt.

    • Thank you Sandi:
      I just found your reply. Was offline and out of country for most of July into August. Have re-sent the document in Word.

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