Book Club Survey Question

We know Mt Holyoke alumnae are readers. This is a given. How many of you are in a book club? Or, perhaps the better question is, how many of you are in more than one book club – formal or informal?

The Strand

I am a poor member of three different book clubs. In these clubs, no one buys hardcover books. In fact, in all three clubs, new books are studiously avoided until the paperback versions come out. In recent years, there are many more e-readers coming to meetings and in all three groups, I’d say about 25% of members are getting their copies from the library. How does that compare with your book clubs?

We would love to hear from you with your answers to this question — if you are in a book club, approximately what percentage of members read the selections from:

A. a hardcover purchase

B. a paperback purchase

C. an e-copy

D. a library copy

E. a borrowed from a friend copy?

Thanks! Pass the word along to your reading friends.

5 Tips for Creating Your 2012-2013 Book Club Lists


If your book clubs are anything like mine, we’re entering planning season. I belong to two book clubs — not that I’m a good member of either, I travel too much — both of these groups operate during the academic year and take the summers off. So, it’s in the summer months that we get together and choose the coming year’s selections. We bring our lists and our ideas and discuss, share and eventually, vote. The books that don’t make it are shared later in an email for us to use as a suggested reading list later. In both groups, we usually end up with more fiction than non-fiction, one classic book (sometimes from the young adult category) and occasionally, a short story collection. Both of my groups skew heavily into literary fiction and tend to avoid most genre fiction, with historical being an exception. These lists reflect closely what I like to read.

But, as an emerging author, I have some concerns about my book club lists that I’d like to call to the attention of other book club groups, especially women’s book clubs. Please, please, as you create your lists, do think about how you can support women authors as you create those lists. If you’ve missed the VIDA count the last two years and what it says about the publishing industry and female authors, please, do read here.

So, here are some tips and/or things to think about as you compile your 2012-2013 group list, with a special eye toward supporting female authors: Continue reading

How do you find your books to read?


Whether you’re in a book club or not, you must have favorite ways of finding new books to read. While some rely on reviews, many readers depend on recommendations from friends. If you’re a member of Goodreads, you already know about using that site to find information from like-minded readers about books. Now, you can join the MHC Group on the Goodreads site. If you’re already a member of Goodreads, just join the group and check out other members’ recommendations. If you’re not a member, but you are an active reader, consider joining and adding your own recommendations. Let us know how you find your books.

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