Avid Reader? Test Your Knowledge of Literary Trivia

The Lyon Review has hit a dry spell and sadly doesn’t have any new fiction, poetry or  creative nonfiction to share with you this month. If you recently have written new work or would like new readers for previously published work, please go to Submit Your Work now or send a copy in Word format, along with your class year, and brief bio to marylyonreview@verizon.net.

In the meantime, we thought our subscribers might enjoy playing a little game of literary trivia.  How many of the questions below can you answer correctly? Print this out and write down your responses. You can then check your answers in our Community Forum.

1.  Which of these well-known fiction writers just won the 2013 Nobel Prize for Literature?
A.  Alice Mattison
B.  Alice Munro
C.  Alice Hoffman
D.  Alice Walker
E.  Alice Sebold

2.  What genre is Edgar Allen Poe credited for “inventing”?
A.  The ghost story
B.  The detective story
C.  The shaggy dog story
D.  The science fiction story
E.  The satiric story

3.  Which of the following award-winning writers did not attend a Seven Sisters college?
A. Sylvia Plath
B. Gloria Steinem
C. Ursula K. Le Guin
D. Wendy Wasserstein
E. Annie Dillard

4. Which of the following Jane Austen novels was published after her death in 1817?
A.  Pride & Prejudice
B,  Emma
C.  Sense & Sensibility
D.  Persuasion
E.  Mansfield Park

5.  Who is the best-selling author of all time?
A.  J.K. Rowling
B.  Stephen King
C.  Agatha Christie
D.  James Patterson
E.  Charles Dickens

6.  Which of the following characters does not appear in The Great Gatsby?
A.  Daisy Buchanan
B.  Nick Carraway
C.  Meyer Wolfsheim
D.  Josephine Baker
E.  Myrtle Wilson

7.  Match the author to their famous memoir

_____ The Year of Magical Thinking

_____ Darkness Visible

_____ The Liar’s Club

_____ Angela’s Ashes

_____ The Color of Water

_____ The Kiss

A. Kathryn Harrison   B. James McBride   C. Frank McCourt   D. Joan Didion
E. William Styron      F. Mary Karr

8.  Which of the following writers was not a member of the Harlem Renaissance?
A.  Zora Neale Hurston
B.  Langston Hughes
C.  James Baldwin
D.  Jean Toomer
E.  Richard Wright

9.  In what country is John Fowles’ The Magus primarily set?
A.   Italy
B.  Greece
C.  Portugal
D.  Spain

10. Which of the following novels was not written by Canadian literary great Margaret Atwood?
A.  The Handmaid’s Tale
B.  Oryx & Crake
C.  Surfacing
D.  Lark and Termite
E.  The Robber Bride

11. Graham Greene’s 1956 novel The Quiet American is set in which country?
A.  Philippines
B.  Vietnam
C.  Thailand
D.  Egypt
E.  Sierra Leone

12. In Madeleine L’Engle’s A Wrinkle in Time, what enables the children to travel through hyperspace?
A.  Worm hole
B.  Holtzman drive
C.  Warp drive
D.  Tesseract
E.  Zeta beam

13. Match the Latin American author to his/her home country:

____ Gabriel Garcia Marquez

____ Isabel Allende

____ Mario Vargas Llosa

____ Octavio Paz

____ Julia Alvarez

____ Jorge Luis Borges

A. Peru              B. Colombia             C. Dominican Republic           D. Chile
E. Argentina      F. Mexico

14.  Which of the following is not a story by Flannery O’Connor?
A. Revelation
B. Absolution
C. A Good Man is Hard to Find
D. Everything that Rises Must Converge
E. The Life You Save May Be Your Own

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Sandi Sonnenfeld is a fiction writer and essayist. Her memoir, This Is How I Speak (2002: Impassio Press), which recounts how her views about what it means to be a woman in contemporary America changed after suffering a dangerous sexual assault, was a Booksense 76 finalist. With the memoir’s publication, she was named a 2002 Celebration Author by the Pacific Northwest Booksellers Association, which recognizes writers whose work merits special notice. Sandi has published more than two-dozen short stories and essays in Sojourner, Voices West, Hayden’s Ferry Review, ACM, Raven Chronicles, Necessary Fiction, Perigee, Revolution House and The Doctor TJ Eckleburg Review among others. A graduate of Mount Holyoke College, Sandi holds an MFA in Fiction Writing from the University of Washington, where she won the Loren D. Milliman Writing Fellowship. She currently resides in New York's glorious Hudson Valley with her husband and the two of the world's most playful cats.

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