Submit It Season

September feels like new beginnings.At our beloved alma mater, the students are back. Convocation has been held. Depending on where you live, there’s the noticeable waning of summer temperatures and daylight hours. Some people dwell on the ending of summer, rather than the beginning of fall. Labor Day weekend – marked by many as the unofficial end of summer – also seems to be a popular time for weddings, one of the most beautiful of beginnings. My husband and I attended a lovely wedding on the Keweenaw peninsula (upper Michigan) on the shores of Lake Superior. Here’s a little pic from the hike we took before the wedding:

It’s not so obvious in this photo, but the leaves are turning up there. I’m so ready for the colors, the coolness, the classes — fall. Even with no longer having to manage the packing of lunches, the buying of school supplies, the setting up my classroom, etc., it still feels like starting time to me. And, in the writing world, for many folks, September marks the beginning of Submit It Season.

I found a great blog post today at The Missouri Review with a Guide to Submissions. Whether or not your new to the submissions’ process, there are some great tips/reminders here.

Here’s my submissions goal for this week:  Revise piece from Aspen for another contest submission.

Happy #writing and submitting all. What are your submissions plans? Maybe post a goal here and see if you keep it?