Three Poems by Heidi St. Jean

Heidi (Holliday) St. Jean  ’88 received a master of fine arts degree in creative writing with a concentration in poetry from Fairfield University in July 2012. Her ekphrastic poem, “Goddess,” first appeared in Inklight, a publication of Afterimage: The Journal of Media Arts and Cultural Criticism. Her poetry has also been published or is forthcoming in Theodate, the online poetry journal of the Hill-Stead Museum, and in Long River Run, the journal of the Connecticut Poetry Society. She previously served as poetry editor for Mason’s Road, and as managing editor for Drunken Boat. She has been working professionally as a writer and editor since 1991.

(inspired by the Geoff McGann photograph “Goddess I” on Inklight, publication of Afterimage)

Artemis –
born of a million points
of liquid light,
you move your molecules
into meaning, into form.

Guiding guardian,
draped in maiden’s
moonbeams, your
hands are crescent
horns, your swirling
body a note of music, lifted
from brother Apollo’s lyre.

Lilt your way
through mortal
darkness – come, hunt
our woods for your truth.

Red Spears

Fresh breath of morning
has punctured its lungs
on sharp, red spears of sumac –
all the day can do now
is expire.

Now I am nothing
more than an open
ivory oval
of grief,
I hang so lightly
from the bruised
and only
the tense
thread still
connects me,
while the
of loss
my center,
fills me
as it

Copyright Heidi St. Jean 2012

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