Lackluster in writing and/or life?? Change it up!

My presence and involvement as community forum editor here has been lacking. In fact, there’s been a general lack of connection for me to my writing since July. I updated my personal blog today with a post about feeling lackluster in writing and how I’ve finally faced that and tried to make some changes. I will repost it here and hope it might have a positive effect on at least a few of you in the trenches. (Excuse the headline – my personal blog has a coed readership – I know we skew more heavily, but still, not solely, female.)

Don’t be Mr. or Ms. Lackluster – change it up!

September 16, 2011 | Edit

Life has bogged me down lately, and I’ve let it. I accept my responsibility in the lack of blog posts, lack of progress with my writing, general lackluster-ness abounds. A whole lot of lacks around here. And, at the moment, I’m not prepared to share my personal reasons for the malaise in my life. Trust me – they’re real issues with real names and real problems that weigh me down and stifle my creativity. So, in an effort to break out of this mental fog, I decided to try to write some non-fiction. And, I’m thankful to say, an editorial I submitted to the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel yesterday, appeared on the editorial page today. You can find it at Respect, Please, for job applicants.

Let’s face it – writing something, submitting it and seeing it in print so quickly, is a rare thing for writers. And, in this case, watching the online comments adding up quickly at the weblink for the editorial is fascinating and motivating. I can hear my novel crying for me to return to work! It’s like lighting one candle to use to light others.

Sometimes, a change of genre, an attempt at something different can provide the spark you need to get back to the writing you want and need to do. So, if you generally write long-form fiction, try flash for a while. Only interested in writing short stories? Give poetry a shot. Do you mostly write non-fiction? Take a stab at fiction.

What has worked for you if you’ve experienced times when it was hard to push life’s problems away while you’ve tried to create?

Hoping you all are #happy writing.

4 thoughts on “Lackluster in writing and/or life?? Change it up!

  1. Pam, this was so appropriate to me-I’m a nonfiction writer, but have just finished a novel (yikes, after MANY revisions!), and have been writing queries letters and synopses and was beginning to dread sitting at the computer. I started a blog to MAKE myself write creatively, if only a little a day, in the throes of early motherhood, maybe moving, and other uncertainties. I find that writing anything that makes me laugh reminds me that the creative being still exists in the center, although madness may be raging all round. Making time to read, too, opens the creative gates always. Thanks for the post. Good luck.

    • Thanks so much, Betsy. I love it when a post connects for someone! And, for me, this clicked in your reply: “I find that writing anything that makes me laugh reminds me that the creative being still exists in the center, although madness may be raging all round.” Sometimes, it’s good to be reminded how very, very good laughter is! Thank you. And, good luck to you too — sounds like you have a mighty full plate.

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