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Named after Mount Holyoke College founder Mary Lyon, The Lyon Review celebrates the finest creative writing from alumnae and faculty, and provides a supportive forum to discuss literature and the writing process. We know there are scores of talented women writers who haven’t yet been published but deserve to be, or have enjoyed publication, and perhaps have even won literary prizes or critical acclaim, but continue to find it difficult to gain a wider audience given the myriad changes and challenges the publishing industry increasingly faces. And there are plenty of newer writers, whether twenty-five or seventy-five , who are just starting to wrestle with their craft. The Lyon Review is dedicated to highlighting the work of the former and helping to inspire the latter.

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Fembots piece is fabulous

The issue of the sexualization and dehumanization of women has been around for all time. What was new to me was much of the information you shared about incredible women through history. Hedy Lamarr…beautiful indeed. Thank you!

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